Kymera FAQ


  Question Answer
  How do you pronounce Kymera? Kymera is pronounced "ky-meer-uh"
  What are the Kymera's specifications? You can find the specs on the Kymera product page
  How fast does it go? The Kymera has a top speed of around 30kph for a 70kg rider.  Obviously heavier riders 
  What is the board made from? The body is roto-moulded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), making it as light and tough as a white water kayak. The chassis is tough anodised aluminium giving the whole board rigidity and strength. The drive shaft, nuts and bolts are stainless and most of the plastic parts are injection moulded for extra strength. All components are waterproof inside and out and designed to withstand the effects of both fresh and salt water. The Kymera is made to last! Check out how tough it is here
  What colours are available? Standard colours are Red, Yellow, Magenta, Lime Green, Orange and White. See the range of colours on the Kymera product page
  How long does the battery last? 20-30 minutes at full speed, depending on the conditions and the rider, and then add another 20 minutes at low speed (around 5kph) to allow you to return safely to shore. That gives you up to an hour on the water. The same battery lasts over 2 hours in a 1.0kW board.
  How long does the battery take to recharge? It takes around 2 hours to recharge on the included battery charger from totally empty to totally full. You would normally come in when the board hits reserve, and then it'll take about 1.5 hours to get back to 95% charged (58V), ready for more fun on the water :)
  Is the battery removable? Absolutely! One of the great things about the Kymera is how easy it is to swap the battery for a spare so you can have twice the fun!
  How do I launch my Kymera? A great thing about the Kymera is that you can launch it anywhere! Just carry the board to the water's edge, insert and enable the battery and the board's live!  Dunk the tail of the board in knee-high water to clear out any sand or dirt in the jet unitto prevent blockages or excessive wear and tear on the components. Make sure you're a couple of metres from shore before you accelerate, so that you don't pull more mud or sand through it.  That's about all!
  How do I ride my Kymera? Once the battery is enabled, you just need to squeeze the trigger throttle to make it go, and release the trigger to make it stop. Lie down on the board and prop yourself up on your elbows so that your hands are comfortably resting on the handlebars. The board's designed to be really comfortable to ride like this. Check there's no-one too close to the jet pump, or in front of you (!).  Use your right index finger to control the throttle. Position your weight slightly back when you first leave the shore and then shift your weight forward when you're planing to level out the board and make it go faster and turn more easily.
  I'm right on the weight limit for my model of Kymera (or maybe a little over) and am struggling to get it to plane and go fast. Is there a trick I can use? Absolutely there's one more thing to give a go - you can 'hot launch' off the beach. Walk the board out to about hip-deep water and place your right leg and knee on the board so that the jet nozzle is under water. Pull the trigger throttle hard, and as the board accelerates, pull yourself onto the board. That short amount of acceleration may be enough to get the board onto the plane, and as long as your weight is close to the planing limit the board will stay on the plane. It might take a few goes - stick with it!
  How do I steer my Kymera? Unlike a jetski, the jet propulsion is fixed and the handlebars don't turn, which means that you steer it by using a combination of body weight and using your feet and hands. When you lie on the board, position your elbows and knees towards the outside of the board. When you want to turn, push down on your elbows and/or knees to execute the turn. You can turn more sharply and easily by lowering your foot into the water like a rudder, and even more by dropping your hand in the water and holding it flat against the direction of travel. Obviously that is easier for left-hand-turns, since your right hand is on the throttle, but you can switch hands and turn right the same way when you're comfortable with the handling of the board.  It's great fun to work out your own style :)
  Where can I test ride a Kymera? There is always a board or two with Wavez in Sydney, and we'd be happy to take you out for a test ride :) We also head up and down the coast from time to time, and some rental operations will be coming online in various locations soon.  For more information, please get in touch.
  How do I store my Kymera? The best way is to store it on a shelf or standing on its tail in the corner of your garage, hallway, spare room (after the water has drained out, of course! Use a chamois to clear any excess water out) or even on your boat :) You can keep the tail packaging insert that came with the board to protect the tail of your board, too.
  What is included in every Kymera Body Board Package? Every package includes a Kymera Body Board, waterproof battery, battery charger, carry bag, shoulder carry strap, flush adapter and hose connector to clean out any salt in the water cooling system, maintenance kit (for order after 1-Jan-2017), tail stand (part of the board packaging materials), owner's manual and loads of FUN!
  When is the next batch of Kymeras available for sale? We welcome orders at any time, and we will deliver your boards as soon as they have been shipped. We update the production status in the product description regularly. You can see the latest status under the price (top-right) here
  When can I buy a Kymera for delivery to Fii, Japan, New Zealand or Thailand? We plan to bring the Kymera to Fiji, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand in 2017.
  Will I receive a user manual when my Kymera is delivered? We'll email you the user manual before you receive your board. We'll supplement that with a range of pictures and videos, hints and tips online.
  How long is the warranty? One year parts and labour on the board and six months on the battery at a local Australian Kymera Service Centre. During the warranty period, all repairs and replacements must be done at a Kymera Service Centre to maintain your warranty. If you'd like to extend your warranty beyond one year, please get in touch.
  Do I need to get my Kymera serviced? We would always recommend that you maintain your board regularly, including flushing the cooling ducts and hosing it out at the end of each run (it's waterproof inside and out and has a self-draining hull), checking that the driveshaft is greased every now and then, and always keep the battery charged to 53.2V - 55.0V and stored in a cool place while not in use. If you'd like us to take care of all of that for you, please get in touch! Professional servicing will be required occasionally under our extended warranty offerings.
  How do I get support for my Kymera? During your warranty period, call Wavez on +61 2 8006 8261 or get in touch via the Contact Us page. We will be posting a list of Kymera Service Centres shortly, including one near you. We will also be posting written and video answers to more Frequently Asked Questions as they come in. And of course some videos and hints and tips so you can get the most out of your board straight away!