Kymera Hints & Tips

  If you want to take your Kymera away with you but don't want to buy lots of spare batteries, you can use a petrol generator to run your Kymera battery charger. Make sure you get a quality generator with an output of 2KVa+ and which provides high quality power output suitable for electrical devices like laptops. Then you're good to go!
  Did you know that the model 3.9 doesn't require registration in NSW, saving you over $300 a year compared to other Personal Watercraft?
  You can get back out on the water faster by stopping the battery charger when it shows 58.0V on the display. That will give you almost a full charge but save 30 minutes of recharge time! Just make sure you give it a full charge regularly to keep the battery cells perfectly balanced and healthy.
  To extend the life of your jet assembly components, make sure that you dunk the rear of the board in the water to clear out sand or other debris before you accelerate away from the shore.
  To get your board to plane for riders who are right at (or a little over) the weight limit of the board, you can 'hot launch' off the beach. Walk the board out to about hip-deep water and place your right leg and knee on the board so that the jet nozzle is under water. Pull the trigger throttle hard, and as the board accelerates, pull yourself onto the board. That short amount of acceleration should be enough to get the board onto the plane, and as long as your weight is close to the planing limit, you should find that the board will stay on the plane. It might take a few goes - stick with it!
  You can turn the Kymera harder by using your hands as well as your body weight and feet. And you can turn hard right by bringing your left hand across the board to the throttle, freeing up your right hand to use as a water brake.
  You can get that last bit of water out of your Kymera by laying it flat on the ground and using a sponge to get the last bit of water from directly below the front hatch.
  The easiest way to transport your board across hard surfaces is with the RailBlaza C-TUG Kayak Trolley. Check it out here.
  The easiest way to transport your board across soft sand is using the supplied shoulder carry strap or dragging the board across the sand by its handle (this will scuff the board a bit but that's all). Make sure you dunk the rear end to clear sand before you accelerate away from shore.
  Kymeras are really easy to transport on the roofrack of your car. You can thread the tie down straps through the d-rings on the board before putting the board on the roof rack to make it easier to secure.
  A pool noodle cut lengthwise down the middle makes a good protector for your board and your roof racks.
  You can clean out any stubborn debris from inside your board by removing the drain plug temporarily. Don't forget to put it back in when you're done!