Wavez Jet Board 2 Year Extended Recreational Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind for an extra year!

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Extend the warranty on any Wavez-supplied electric jet board or self-contained propulsion unit to TWO years.

Extended warranties purchased after the initial warranty has expired must be inspected and serviced by a Wavez Approved Service Centre within two weeks of the commencement of the warranty.

Boards must be serviced every six months by a Wavez Approved Service Centre to maintain the warranty.

This extended warranty excludes the following:

  • Consumable parts such as batteries, impeller and jet assembly
  • Any parts which have been damaged by lack of maintenance in line with the Wavez-supplied User's Manual
  • Any parts which have been damaged due to impact or neglect

If you've looked after your board and followed our maintenance instructions, we've got your back!


Brand Wavez

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