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Founded by Jason Woods in 2011 on the California coast, Kymera boasts an award-winning electric battery technology that is transforming the world of outdoor sports and recreation.

Prior to the creation of the company, Jason identified that fuel costs, towing, launching, and storage were just some of the obstacles that prevented people from pursuing water sports. He developed a solution to give everyone the ability to have fun on the water without all the hassles and expenses associated with conventional watercraft.

The Kymera Body Board is the world’s first and only electric-powered bodyboard, reaching speeds of over 30 kph. It is affordable, light enough to carry, and easy to transport. This electric-powered board is not only an exciting new way for people to enjoy the water, it’s also an invaluable tool for first responders that need to keep others safe out on the water.

The Kymera Body Board has been recognized for helping lifeguards, sheriffs, fire departments, and military personnel do their jobs more effectively. Kymera is the next evolution in personal electric-powered sports.

Kymera are a Popular Science Invention of the Year Award Winner, and have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank TWICE. With their growing network of distributors, retailers, and rental operators, the Kymera experience is becoming more accessible around the world.

The Kymera Body Board is available in Australia exclusively through Wavez.

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