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Gold Coast Water Adventures, Queensland, Australia

+61 0417 714 726

Water Adventures has just opened up at Broadwater Parklands on the weekends.  They've got plenty of Kymeras and can also offer rides on the Onean Carver electric surfboard, Onean Manta electric SUP, SUPjet electric SUP and Scubajet Dive Scooters. And you can visit them every day at 2/91 Frank Street, Labrador.

Make sure you book ahead to check opening hours and that they have a board available for you! 

More locations coming soon!

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Electric jet boards are set to be the hottest new water sports products on the beaches, rivers and lakes! They are compact and advanced alternatives to Jet Ski, perfect for resort and independent rental operations.

Electric jet boards are quiet, clean and zero emission. They are environment friendly and friendly to other people in the water.

They are small and lightweight enough for everyone to use and very safe. But since some models can run quite fast, the excitement and feeling of speed is amazing!

As the hottest new products on the beach, customers will be very excited to rent them out. The bright colours and beautiful styling make them attractive to renters. There is very little learning curve, and they are very easy to operate. The convenience and low cost of rental compared to other motorised watercraft makes them likely to be in continuous use.

And when spare batteries are inserted (or the batteries are recharged), they're good to go again!

Maintenance is a breeze, due to the toughness and modular design of the boards. They're made of tough materials, and should damage occur, the jet assembly can be replaced in a few minutes inexpensively due to the use of simple, low-cost parts.

The attractiveness to customers, low cost of purchase and ownership, and very low maintenance requirements make electric jet boards the perfect choice for any rental operator!


✔ Bright colours and exciting styling attract customers

✔ Great fun!

✔ Friendly for other water users

✔ Small and lightweight

✔ Easy to store and transport by kayak trolley or shoulder carry strap

✔ Electric = low cost and no messy fuel or oil

✔ Low noise and zero emission

✔ Easy to flush and clean

✔ Low maintenance due to few moving parts and simple design

✔ Fast to replace damaged parts

✔ Low total cost of ownership

✔ Fantastic rental returns

✔ Great support from the experienced team at Wavez and our other rental operators




We are offering the opportunity to be the one and only rental operator in your town or city for our entire range of electric watercraft!

Whether you're looking to convert your current range of watercraft to electric, add new electric watercraft to your range, or start up a brand new exclusive rental business in your area, we can provide a fantastic license model to help get you up and running fast!

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